!SAFETYP - • Chemical spill kit. • NFPA sign and list...

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CLS 301 Safety Project 1. Self-select 2 students enrolled in CLS 301 to form your group. Students working in a clinical laboratory or healthcare facility can submit an individual project based on his/her workplace. One written report is required from each group or individual. Class discussion as time permits . Project is due on September 30, 2009. 2. Explore the campus and student labs. Do not roam freely in the student labs or other facilities. Ask permission. Locate the items listed below. After locating your items, reflect on and create written responses to the questions listed below. Is the item relevant to the location? Is the item accessible to the user? Is the item maintained and “ready” to use in case of an emergency? Items To Locate Fire extinguishers. o Indicate Type o Provide instructions for operating fire extinguishers located by your group. Fire blanket. Fire alarm. Eye wash station. Emergency shower. First aid kit.
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Unformatted text preview: • Chemical spill kit. • NFPA sign and list the following: o Location o Health Rating o Fire Rating o Reactivity Rating • MSDS sheet and list the following: o Name of chemical. o Health hazards for the chemical. o Precautions for safe handling of the chemical. • Biologic hazard sign and list the following: o Health hazards for host at that location. o Personal protective equipment used to prevent transmission of the biologic hazard at that location. • Radiation hazard sign. 3. Your safety tour will now move into Cyberspace. You will need to have access to the Web to visit OSHA home page at http://www.osha.gov/index.html . Review the Health and Safety topics area for chemical and blood pathogens hazards. Compare to practices observed on your campus or workplace tour. Answer the question in your report: Are we practicing “Safe Science” at Dominguez Hills? Or at your own workplace?...
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!SAFETYP - • Chemical spill kit. • NFPA sign and list...

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