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Positive Findings With Selected Renal Diseases Disease Cause Chemical/Physical Microscopic Acute Glomerulonephritis Antigenic Group. A B strep Protein Blood WBC Leukocyte esterase Renal tubular cells Hematuria Casts: Cellular, Granular, Hyaline Chronic Glomerulonephritis Variable: long standing Protein, Blood RBC glomerular damage Leukocyte esterase WBC Specific gravity<1.010 Casts: All types Hematuria Nephrotic Syndrome Multiple: increased glomerular Protein (Heavy) Oval fat bodies, free fat permeability and hyperlipidemia Blood Casts: Fatty, Waxy, Renal Lipiduria cell, RBC Acute Tubular Necrosis Multiple: destruction of renal Protein RBC tubular epithelial cells (shock Blood WBC drugs, toxins, myoglobin)
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Unformatted text preview: Leukocyte esterase Casts: Renal cell, Waxy, Specific gravity<1.010 Granular, Broad Cystitis Lower urinary tract inflammation Protein, small WBC, Bacteria Blood, Nitrite, Turbid RBC Leukocyte esterase Transitional epithelial cells Pyelonephritis Upper urinary tract inflammation Protein, Blood, Nitrite WBC, RBC, Bacteria Leukocyte esterase Casts: WBC, Granular Turbid Acute Interstitial Nephritis Hypersensitivity reaction to drugs Protein, Blood Eosinophil, WBC, RBC and toxins, especially penicillins Leukocyte esterase Casts: WBC, Eosinophil Chronic Renal Failure Decreased glomerular filtration Protein, Blood RBC Fixed S.P. 1.010 Casts: Waxy, Broad...
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