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JAVA PROGRAMMING assignment turn in checklist To get your Java assignments back as fast as possible, follow these simple guidelines: If an assignment consists of several parts, staple all parts and turn them in together as one. Do not staple two or more separate assignments together--one complete assignment at a time. Include your name, section number, project name, assignment number, instructor name, and a thorough description in your header. You may wish to add the due date for your reference. An example header with this information is shown below. Indent your code. You may wish to use the auto-indent feature of JBuilder. Print all applicable source code. Screenshots are typically not large enough to contain all of your code. You can print all source code very easily using File Print (see screenshot below) Other notes:
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Unformatted text preview: Save a tree. For future assignments, unless your teacher or book specify otherwise, neither the HTML nor the compilation output from JBuilder are necessary. • Be sure to include program output, such as a few screenshots, to prove that your program works properly. You can do this using Paint Shop Pro’s “Capture” feature. • Use meaningful variable names. For example, if you use a variable to store the average miles per gallon that you get from your car, the name “MilesPerGallon” or even “MPG” is more descriptive than “a” or “m212khsad” The following screenshot shows an efficient method of printing your code as well as an example header, and an example of indented code. You may add to the header if you are feeling creative. You can download this header for your use from Coach’s website....
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