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Assignment for Chapter 9 This is a group project. I will assign teams of three. You are to meet and discuss the inheritance charts on page 368 of the textbook. You must then create a similar diagram that demonstrates inheritance. You select the idea to diagram. However, it must not be one that appears in my notes or in the textbook. Prepare the diagram, demonstrating your understanding of inheritance. It must be at least as deep as those you see on page 368. You must then define attributes and behaviors for each level of a single leg of your chart. Your team must do the following: Meet to discuss and develop your solution.
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Unformatted text preview: • Submit your design on paper, with a cover page on which each team member signs that they have met and participated on the project. Demonstrate your inheritance chart to the class on the date that I define in class. Your demonstration can utilize our computer and projector using applications such as PowerPoint or MS-Word. Or, it can be on paper and copies to overhead transparencies (I can make copies of your work on transparencies before class if needed). Take your demonstration seriously. The quality of your presentation can earn you extra credit....
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