Week11 - Chapter 15 Graphics in Java The Abstract Window...

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Chapter 15 Graphics in Java The Abstract Window Toolkit (AWT) class was introduced at the beginning of the semester because it provides support for applets. The AWT contains numerous classes and methods that allow you to create and manage windows. A full description of the AWT could easily consume the entire semester. Therefore, it is not possible to describe in detail every method, instance variable, or class here. The best I can do is to expose you to some of the most fundamental components that enable graphics generation in Java. The AWT classes are contained in the java.awt package. The following table shows these classes. We will be discussing these classes during the remaining portion of this semester.
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Class Description BorderLayout Button Creates a push button control. Canvas A blank, semantics-free window. CardLayout The card layout manager which emulates index cards (only the one on top shows). Checkbox Creates a check box control. CheckboxGroup Creates a group of check box controls. Choice Creates a pop-up list. Color Manages colors in a portable, platform-independent fashion. Component An abstract superclass for various AWT components Container An abstract subclass of Component that can hold other components Dialog Creates a dialog window. Dimension Specifies the dimensions of an object (width is stored in width , height store in height ) Event Encapsulates events. FileDialog Creates a window from which a file can be selected. FlowLayout The flow layout manager. Flow layout positions components left to right, top to bottom. Font Encapsulates a type font. FontMetrics Encapsulates various info related to a font (useful when displaying text in a window). Frame Creates a standard window that has a title bar, resize corners, and a menu bar. Graphics Encapsulates the graphics context enabling output to be displayed in a window. GridBagConstraints Defines various constraints relating to the GridBagLayout class. GridBagLayout The grid bag layout manager subject to constraints specified by GridBagConstraints . GridLayout The grid layout manager. Grid layout displays components in a two-dimensional grid. Image Encapsulates graphical images. Insets Encapsulates the borders of a container. Label Creates a label that displays a string. List Creates a list from which the user can choose (similar to the standard windows list box) MediaTracker Manages media objects. Menu Creates a pull-down menu. MenuBar Creates a menu bar. MenuComponent An abstract class implemented by various menu classes. MenuItem Creates a menu item. Panel The simplest concrete subclass of Container . Point Encapsulates a Cartesian coordinate pair, stored in x and y . Polygon
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Week11 - Chapter 15 Graphics in Java The Abstract Window...

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