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Chapter 24 Assignment For full credit, your final (Chapter 21) assignment is to write an applet that: has an animation with at least 10 images launches a frame that does something within it plays sound is demonstrated in class Check my website for files that you care about, and additional information about this project: http://www.cs.sbcc.edu/~rhd/cs120.html Note regarding Sound Files: With Internet Explorer, my experience continues to indicate that sounds files used in applets must be configured precisely as .au files - Freq:8000 MuLAW 8bit . You may not vary from this format. If you have a .wav file that you’d like to play in IE, you’ll need to convert it into this format. There are many programs available that will support the conversion of .wav files to .au files Freq:80000 MuLAW 8bit
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Unformatted text preview: . Use any program that you like! I have provided a link to a program that works fine, and can be downloaded for free. To get the program, go to my java website page, and click on either the Audacity or Audition hypertext links. This project is worth 40 points: • 10 points for animation • 10 points for sound • 10 points for frame • 10 points for classroom demonstration It is due the last day of scheduled classes (check the bottom of the 2 nd page of your syllabus for the date). Demonstrations will occur on the last class meeting of the semester. No late work will be accepted. There will be significant extra credit if your project reaches Coach’s Hall of Fame However, your animation must run in Internet Explorer launched from an .html file....
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