3-06-08 Law and Government

3-06-08 Law and Government - LAW AND GOVERNMENT Ficus Tree:...

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LAW AND GOVERNMENT - Ficus Tree: tree where Romulus and Remus were nurtured by she-wolf. - Despite Roman rhetoric invoking its Republican origins, Rome began as a kingdom with kings. - The legacy of the kingdom was so hated that no emperor dared to call himself king. - The Curia was the home of the Roman Senate. - The Senate continued to exist throughout the age of the emperors. - In the Curia, Senators discussed public policy openly. - Struggle for political power between the Senate and the Emperor continued throughout the age of empire, just as the Executive and Legislative powers today. - Publicly, Senators were supposed to maintain a bearing of gravity, as opposed to levity. - Senators were officially elected but held their positions due to wealth and social stature. - The Roman Senate was more comparable to the British House of Lords. - Senators were taken as moral authorities. - The Senate decided itself who belonged and who didn’t. - Access came through contacts. - Senators could form alliances, free from the businessmen, lobbyists, and politicos in the forum in the Senate Garden. - Struggle for legal and political power between would-be emperors and the Senate preceded Caesar, but culminated with his death. - Recent evidence shows that Caesar, decaying slowly from progressive epilepsy, provoked his own murder. - The murder resulted in a predicted backlash against the Senate. - Caesar named his closest male relative, his great nephew Augustus, as his heir. - Taking advantage of public anger of Caesar’s murder, Augustus became Emperor. - Augustus’ relatively good and stable rule consolidated Rome’s change in political status from Republic to Empire. -
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3-06-08 Law and Government - LAW AND GOVERNMENT Ficus Tree:...

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