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POS 498 - notes - jan 30

POS 498 - notes - jan 30 - POS 498 Notes Realist theories...

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POS 498 – Notes - Realist theories of International Relations Anarchy Multiple meanings of anarchy: Anarchy as a lack of order : Implies chaos and disorder. Realists do not accept this. 4 Strong sense: Hedley Bull defined order in a strong sense as “a pattern of activity that sustains the elementary or primary goals of a society of states or international society.” International relations does not exist in a vacuum; there is a common framework of rules and institutions that guide international practice. “Extra-territoriality” is a norm that is universally acknowledged (embassies are small parts of their mother country beyond their borders). Stamps, for instance, are universally recognized even though they originate in a sovereign country. Exists at the international level; cannot be anarchy. 5 Weak sense: Predictable patterns of behavior. Exists at the international level; cannot be anarchy. Anarchy as a lack of government 6 A monopoly on the legitimate use of force: foundational definition of a fundamental element of government. Monopoly extends inside the state as
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