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Advertising and gender 1. stereotyping 2. masculinity and femininity - girls want men with deeper voices - men don’t want to wear girly produces- - companies put the same product in two different bottles to targets a particular buying audience - 80 percent of consumer dollars are controlled by women - 3. targeting the market - many products are targeted for women to buy for men - they distinguish between the color of their products, for men its grey, women pastel green; male products come with more information, they assume that women knows what is it; many of these advertisements for men are done with
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Unformatted text preview: black and white photography, its associated with rationality, black and white tells what the information is. more emphasis on the functionality, less on the sensuality (how they will feel). The ads for female product provide no information, just the name of the product. Maybe they are realizing that men are foreigners in the shopping. -What are some strategies to get men to buy their own things? Men takes a swat approach to shopping, get in, do the just and get out-Never underestimate the power of women-4....
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