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The child as consumer November 18 2008 The role of children in capitalism The social construction of childhood a. the appropriation of childhood, part 1, baums emerald city b. the appropriation of childhood, part 2, Walt Disney and the creation of Disney world - exploitation in Disney world but its all covered up when you are there - most of Disney films are now about shopping - Disney is training children to be good consumers - Self fulfillment can be achieved through consumption - The process of developing a consumer has to happen every generation - born to buy a. the new discourse of kids empowerment - talk about girl power, “you go girl” what is this slogan used for? You are empowered by shopping, you are equal to boys and individualized by shopping
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Unformatted text preview: -empowerment gets tured around and is all about being a consumer-when Julia refers to empowerment she is referring to nagging ones parents is a sign of empowerment in terms of kids. Difference between independent and being part of a group-empowerment is about becoming a consumer-the more children are empowered the more they are becoming more adult-like-there is aan arugment that ads can be portrayed to children because now a days they are more sophisticated b. the instrumental benefits of ADS killing us softly-average American 3000 ads per day-sells values, who we are and who we should be-...
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