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Psychology Lecture

Psychology Lecture - -describe what you would say during...

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Psychology Lecture Term Two
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Power point project Introduction 2-3 Body 6 Conclusion 2-3 References 1-2 Total 12- 14 Topic title Name Student number Secetion number Dr. Mike Atkinson Introduction - why is this topic relevant? - Define terms Body - present evidence - logical order - scientific (reference) - accuracy - approx. 6 slides - make sure they are clear and concise - worth 3 marks - use point form - you have to use the note section of PowerPoint – can write full sentences
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Unformatted text preview: -describe what you would say during your presentation-explain all figures conclusion-can be 2-3 slides-summaries key points-provde take home message-narrow in scope-part of your 3 content mark-max 3 take home messages refercnes -use of apa format—1/2-use of professional journal the last 3 marks creativity use visual aids pictures graphs animations overall quality clean slides good transitions...
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  • Introduction Body Conclusion, Dr. Mike Atkinson, slides good transitions, Mike Atkinson Introduction, number Secetion number

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