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Psych 020 September 13, 2007 Rd up to page 65 1879 – Wundt started psychology Know theories (i.e. Freudian theory) Reading the textbook: 1. Think about the background information 2. Survey titles, headings, etc. 3. Outline the chapter 4. Decide how much you will read 5. As you start, look at the heading and ask yourself, “what is this about?” 6. Look at the layout for clues (i.e. bold) 7. Look for the big picture 8. Paraphrase section…put notes in margin…key words, concepts 9. Make summary notes 10. Make up test questions Basic Time Management: 1. Identify your best time for studying 2. Study difficult subjects first 3. Use distributed learning 4. Make sure your environment is supportive of studying 5. Set time for your social life 6. Set time to sleep and eat 7. Combine activities
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Psych 020 September 13, 2007 Schools of Psychology: 1. Functionalism focus on the function of significance of a behavior - How does a behavior (or mental process) help us to adapt - Primarily biological i.e. evolutionary behavior Modern examples: Psychobiology – How the makeup of the brain and nervous system effects behavior Ethology – Looking at behavior as it exists in real world settings i.e. in the field 2. Psychodynamic (Freudian) Approach Focus on unconscious experience (the mind) - Look for unresolved conflict (unconscious conflict) - Importance of personality - Care about everything out of conscious awareness - Idea that unconscious drives behavior Modern examples: Brief psychodynamic therapy -- Unconscious processing – 3. Behaviorism
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Lecture2-sept13 - Psych020 September13,2007 Rd up to page...

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