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Psychology 020 exam review Key terms and concepts Chapters 1 – 4 Chapter One Psychology: The science of Behavior Psychology- is the scientific study of behavior and the factors that influenece it Basic research- the quest for knowledge purely for its own sake Applied research- designed to solve specific practical problems Jigsaw program- requires children to cooperate with one another rather than compete against each other in order for any of them to succeed Perspectives- vantage points for analyzing behavior and its biological, psychological, and environmental causes Mind- body dualism- belief that the mind is spiritual entity not subject to the physical laws that goern the body; this view implies that no amount of research on the body could ever hope to unravel the musteries of the mind Monism- holds that the “mind” is not a separate spiritual entity. The mind and body are one Biological perspective- thus focuses on the phycial side of human nature; emphasizes the role of our highly developed brain; the biochemical processes that underlie our every thought, emotion, and action Natural selection- means that any inheritable characteristic that increases the likelihood of survival will be maintained in the species because individuals having the characteristics wil be more likely to survive and reproduce; survival of the
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Psychologyexamnotes - Psychology 020 exam review Key terms...

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