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Definitions: Allele : One of a number of different forms of a gene Autosomal Inheritance: When a gene is inherited from ones parents, the pair is usually made up of one allele from each parent. Genotype : This is the representation of an individual gene structure. As most genes are made of pairs of alleles, Genotypes are usually denoted as AA (dominant), Aa (hybrid), or aa (recessive). Phenotype : The physical characters which the animal carries based on its gene structure Dominant Gene
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Unformatted text preview: : When the dominant allele (usually capitalized) is present in a gene, it determines the phenotype of the animal. Recessive Gene : The recessive gene only determines the phenotype if there are no dominant genes present. In a hybrid gene structure, the recessive gene is said to be dormant as it can still be passed to offspring, but cannot be physically detected. Works Cited: Williams, Gareth. Linear Algebra with Applications . Jones & Bartlett, 2004. 113-115....
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