hw1 - B (if possible) so that (a) BA = 4 A , (b) BA = 4 B ,...

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Math 136A, Spring 2008 Problem Set #1 (due 4/4/2008) (1) Choose the numbers a , b , c , d , in this augmented matrix so that (a) there is ( no solution (b) there are infiniately solutions to the corresponding system of linear equations. (2) Here A and B are both 3 × 3 matrices. Choose
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Unformatted text preview: B (if possible) so that (a) BA = 4 A , (b) BA = 4 B , (c) BA has rows 1 and 3 of A reversed (d) All rows of BA are the same as row 1 of A . (3) Prove that the product of two n n upper triangular matrices is upper triangular. 1...
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