cebrun - exit 1; fi fname=`basename $1` if [ $fname ==

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#!/bin/bash if [[ -e /cygdrive/c/ & $CYGWIN.test != "tty.test" ]]; then echo "You must set environment variable CYGWIN to tty before starting a cygwin shell." echo "Right-click on My Computer, then Properties, then Advanced, then Environment Variables." echo "Then kill this cygwin window and start a new one." exit 1; fi if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then echo "Use: ./ <appname>"
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Unformatted text preview: exit 1; fi fname=`basename $1` if [ $fname == &quot;image&quot; ]; then echo Turning off character echoing. .. stty -echo -icanon min 1 java dbg.UI --bootable image stty echo icanon exit 0 fi if [ ! -e $fname ]; then echo $fname does not exist exit 1; fi stty -echo -icanon min 1 java dbg.UI $fname stty echo icanon...
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