DLLInterface - #ifndef DLLINTERFACE_H #define DLLINTERFACE_H

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Unformatted text preview: #ifndef DLLINTERFACE_H #define DLLINTERFACE_H ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // // Welcome. Are you sure you want to read this? We had in // mind that you wouldn't need to. Start from the sample // derived class implementations (ComponentExample.h/cpp) instead. // ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Version of the package base class code ////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// static const char* PACKAGE_BASE_VERSION = "1.0"; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // Some plumbing required to integrate your component definitions. // Out of paranoia about what compilers might do, we: // 1. actually export only a single DLL function, GetPackageInformation() // 2. call only C routines (i.e., not object methods) across the DLL interface // 3. and so there are a slew of function types to be defined so that SMOK and // this package can exchange function pointers (which can be thought // of as the routine they import/export)....
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DLLInterface - #ifndef DLLINTERFACE_H #define DLLINTERFACE_H

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