ExceptionComponent - #include <stdio.h> #include...

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#include <stdio.h> #include "ExceptionComponent.h" /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// // The infrastructure code relies on your having assigned appropriate values to these global variables. // All are just strings, used only for informational purposes (i.e., you can fill in anything you want). /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// const char* PACKAGE_NAME = "Exception Component Package"; const char* PACKAGE_VERSION = "V1.0"; const char* PACKAGE_DATE = "May 12, 2009"; const char* PACKAGE_AUTHOR = "Michael Yamamoto and Katherine Allaway"; /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// //////////////////// // You must also fill in this table, one entry per component class you have defined. // Each entry contains {name, CreateObject() function} for the components of the
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ExceptionComponent - #include &lt;stdio.h&gt; #include...

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