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#ifndef COMPONENT_EXAMPLE_H #define COMPONENT_EXAMPLE_H #include "PackageBase.h" /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // A simple combinatorial component example. // It produces on its sole output port the max of the values on its // two input ports (compared as signed ints). /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// class ExceptionComponent : public CUserDefComponentBase { public: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // YOU MUST IMPLEMENT THE FOLLOWING IN YOUR DERIVED CLASS(ES) /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// static CUserDefComponentBase* CreateObject(); ~ExceptionComponent(); void GetPortDescriptionVectors( INPORTDESC** pInputPorts, OUTPORTDESC** pOutputPorts ); HALT_STATUS ComputeOutputs(int* pInputArray, int* pOutputArray); HALT_STATUS LatchInputs(int* pInputArray); bool Reinitialize(); /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // You may also implement any other public/protected/private methods
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Unformatted text preview: you want. .. /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// protected: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // The constructor should be called only by CreateObject() /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ExceptionComponent(); private: /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // These will hold the in/out-put port type descriptions for this type /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// static INPORTDESC INPORT_DESCRIPTION; static OUTPORTDESC OUTPORT_DESCRIPTION; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // You can also have any other public, protected, or private methods or // instance variables you want. //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// public: protected: private: void PrintMsg(const char* s); }; #endif // COMPONENT_EXAMPLE_H...
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