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production code - October 9 2007 Hays Production Code...

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October 9, 2007 Hays Production Code Offices Hollywood, CA USA Dear Mr. Duncan Kenworthy, As the producer of Love Actually , we at the Hays Production Code Offices would like to relate to you our thoughts about your film and the moral and ethical content it contains. This letter will lay out precisely what content we find unacceptable and suggest some alternatives you may like to consider to make the movie more palatable to average audiences in the United States. Firstly, the film is rife with nudity. Section VI of the Hays Production Code, entitled Costumes, expressly forbids nudity from films because it is morally degrading to the character of the nation. In Love Actually , we observed numerous acts of nudity. These include the scenes between the two body doubles (partial nudity and full nudity) as well as the beginnings of a sex scene between Karl and Sarah. Both these scenes could possibly be better handled without nudity; for instance, it is not necessary for body doubles to perform sex acts, perhaps they could be doubling for more dramatic parts of a film. Sex between Karl and Sarah could be alluded to but not shown. Either of these options would conform with the Hays Code and, we believe, make your film stronger and more entertaining while not demoralizing the American public. The scene where Colin goes to Wisconsin and engages in group sex with at least three women must be cut
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production code - October 9 2007 Hays Production Code...

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