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ece2011_Academic_Honesty - place of your own Looking at lab...

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Academic Honesty Policy Any work you present as your own must represent your own understanding of the material! Following are examples of acceptable and unacceptable actions under this policy. This listing is not exhaustive; if you have an academic honesty question, please ask the professor. Prelab / Lab Work / Writeups Acceptable Unacceptable Discussing the prelab with someone else to gain a better understanding. Copying material from someone else's prelab and presenting it as your own. One person does all the work; the other lab partner never shows up or makes minimal contribution. Partners dividing tasks in lab; for example, one person makes measurements and the other records data. Putting someone else's name on a lab writeup when they made no contribution Checking with another lab group to see if your data makes sense. Using another lab group's data or writeup in
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Unformatted text preview: place of your own. Looking at lab reports from previous offerings of the course to get an idea of the report format or content. Using material from previous reports (data, discussions, etc.) and presenting it as your own. Problem Sets Acceptable Unacceptable Discussing a homework problem with someone else to gain a better understanding Copying material from someone else's solution and handing it in as your own Looking at a similar problem from solutions of previous problem sets to get an idea of how to approach the problem Copying a solution from a previous set, and handing it in as your own Checking a problem solution (some assigned problems have solutions available on the textbook CDs) to verify the work you have done Using the problem solution in place of work you should have done to gain understanding...
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