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4902C2009hw6_op-amp_without - Assume NO an LENGTH H013(MO...

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Unformatted text preview: Assume NO an LENGTH H013 (MO) FIND Ivas) Mooe vbmcas “U [:1 - ALL DENICES oPaeAnua [M SATURA’DON': v_ :er :VM 22.31 Parameter N -chan nel ‘b- INPUT " Vi" SR: E " Cconp C=C_com|5 f — I Mr vout MNa l u 5 n ngnsm STRATEGY ‘3“ V START WITH KWH VALut’g'. WK FEOM WERE >x=o % IDWVGs SQUARE mu MP6 M9930“ SAME wit. 5 H V I J SAHEIDEAEGS KVLr 34/4sz :> lvcfi: LZE’W Drain current '0 [HA] Gate-Source voltage VGs [V] -(.F6V -{.!6Y 41:. 0,797v —. 0.797v -fl 0179“ :t-z-V- O‘m RE I .4, I 1;) man 59 LAN MP6 —I.Z:§v , 2,495 4 .. 1* ._. '-"'" IIZb-OI93 — to MP8 —I.2$v " 197,102 Fem mom RATIO (SAME was) -L2§V -L25v —L25V El: fl=3 2710733105: 9'2/‘4A wt, q 103 “51M 465MA Im_5- F3091 S6} LAW; V65 ...
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