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EE2312 Project 3 (Digital Filters, DFT/FFT) Due: February 27, 2008 1. The signals Signal_1, Signal_2, Signal_3, and Signal_4 which are available in wave format at the myWPI web site for the course, have been all contaminated with different kinds of noise. By reviewing these signals in time and frequency domain, and listening to them using GoldWave or MATLAB, determine the frequency band of the noise and design a filter to minimize the present noise with minimum damage to the original signals. Specify design requirements (passband/stopband frequencies and tolerances) for each filter, and then use MATLAB to design Butterworth filters to meet the requirements in each case. Determine the type of filter (highpass, lowpass, bandpass, or bandstop) and the filter order for processing each signal. Describe the rationale for your design and show all your work to justify your results. 2. Use the design requirements for the filter used for processing of Signal_1, and design Chebyshev and Elliptic filters that meet the same requirements. What will be the
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Unformatted text preview: order of these filters? What will be their advantages or disadvantages in comparison with the designed Butterworth filter? 3. The signal Signal_5 which is available in Wave format at the myWPI web site for the course, is a Double-Tone Multi-Frequency signal for a seven-digit telephone number. Design a discrete-time system to recognize this telephone number. Describe your design and implement it to find out the phone number that the Signal_5 signal represent. 4. Assuming the dynamic range of (-1,1), quantize the F 1 signal (in Project 1) for L=2 (one bit), L=4 (two bits), and L=8 (three bits). Plot the quantized signal and the error signal versus time for each case. What is the maximum error in each case? Compute the ratio of the energy of the original signal to the energy of the quantization error for each case. Listen to the quantized signals and discuss the relationship between the number of bits used to represent the digital signal and the audio quality of signal....
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