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Last Updated: 1/8/08 ECE 2011 – Term C 2008 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Course Information The objective of this course is to expose new electrical engineering students (including first year students) to the broad field of electrical engineering, introducing basic concepts of circuits and systems and their applications. Experiments based on practical devices are used to reinforce basic concepts and develop laboratory skills, as well as to provide system-level understanding. The use of circuit simulation tools for analysis and design is introduced. Topics: Basic concepts of electrical circuits, linear circuit analysis, op-amp circuits, simple transients, phasor analysis, amplifiers, frequency response, filters. Recommended background: high school physics, and MA 1022 (concurrent). Professor: Stephen J. Bitar Email: [email protected] Office: AK312 Phone: (508) 831-5501 Web Site: Lectures: MTTF 12:00pm - 12:50pm (in room AK116, Newell Hall)
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