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Lab_Breadboard Usage

Lab_Breadboard Usage - buss strips Buss strips are usually...

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ECE 2011 Prof. Bitar Using an Electronic Breadboard S1. Breadboard Layout An electronic breadboard is shown in Figure 1.0 below. Breadboards are used to temporarily build electronic circuits for testing purposes. Figure 1.0 Prototyping Breadboard Referring to the indicated letters in Figure 1.0, (A) shows a group of 5 connections that are internally connected together. There are 63 (or 64) of these groups running down the top half of the board, and the same number running down the bottom half. Each group of 5 is electrically isolated from one another. (B) shows a horizontal row that is entirely connected together. On this particular board, there are 8 of these
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Unformatted text preview: buss strips. Buss strips are usually used to distribute power across the outer edges of the board for easy access. (C) Some boards have the entire horizontal row connected together. In this case, there would be 4 of these buss strips. BE SURE to check the board you are using. S2. From Schematic to Breadboard Figure 2.0 shows a simple schematic of a battery and 3 resistors wired together. V1 10V R1 1k R2 10k R3 100k Figure 2.0 - Schematic A B C ECE 2011 Prof. Bitar What would the circuit look like on a breadboard? See Figure 3.0. Figure 3.0 – Breadboard of Circuit Positive Voltage Rail Ground Rail Connection Point “Group-of-5”...
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