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Bitar Worcester Polytechnic Institute Rev. 1/12/06 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Lab Grading Criteria 25% PreLab / Notebook (each student, checked in lab) o Analysis o Predicted Results o Graph & Table Preparation o Circuit Diagrams 75% Lab Report (one report per group) Format (20%) o Title Page (Course #, Title, Date, Partner Names, ECE Box #’s, Bench #) o Table of Contents (when the lab report contains multiple experiments) o Abstract o Equipment List o Sections w/ Titles o Experiment Introductions o Circuit Descriptions o Measurement Results o Discussions o Summaries and/or Conclusions o Numbered Pages o Labeled (and Numbered) Graphs, Tables, Schematics, Figures, etc. Writing (15%) o Quality of writing. o Writing structure and organization. o Ease of comprehension.
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Unformatted text preview: o Conciseness o Convincing thought development. o Spelling and grammar. Content (40%) o Proper number of experiments completed. o Accuracy and completeness of circuit schematics and theoretical analysis. o Accuracy and completeness of measured data including voltage and current measurements, oscilloscope patterns, graphs, and tables. o Proper comparison of theoretical and measured values. o Proper interpretation of results and conclusions. NOTES: 1. All reports must be typed . 2. Schematics must be neatly drawn with values and reference designators (R1, C2, etc.) 3. Oscilloscope waveforms may be neatly hand-drawn into the lab notebooks and scanned into reports, or digital photographs may be used (date stamped for authenticity)....
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  • Spring '08
  • Circuit diagram, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester Polytechnic Institute Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, Lab Grading Criteria

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