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Bitar Worcester Polytechnic Institute Rev. 1/12/06 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Lab Information Lab consists of the following: Lab Work / Lab Partner: Lab work must be done in PAIRS (no groups of 3 or more). Be sure to swap responsibilities often, so that BOTH you and your partner experience various aspects of lab (wiring a circuit, taking data, reading test equipment, troubleshooting, etc…). ALWAYS bring your own lab kit, even if you expect your partner to bring theirs. All too often, one partner does not show up, leaving the other without the ability to complete the lab. Prelabs: Prelabs are designed to prepare you for the lab assignments. They must be completed PRIOR to coming to lab. Experience shows that if you come prepared, you can easily finish on time. Prelabs are checked at the beginning of the lab period. Prelabs must be entered in your lab notebook and are checked at the beginning of lab. Lab Notebook:
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