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Bitar Worcester Polytechnic Institute Rev. 1/12/06 Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Lab Report Format The lab report is a concise document summarizing the results of your lab work. It must be typed and include the following: 1. Title Page – Should include the course number, lab title, lab number, partner names and ECE box numbers. 2. Table of Contents – Required if multiple experiments are presented in the report. Should include page numbers and references to any appendices. 3. Abstract – A brief summary indicating the purpose of the lab, the specific results of the experiments, and the significance of these results. 4. Equipment – A list of the equipment, model numbers and bench number should be included so experiments can be duplicated. 5. Experiment Introduction – A concise statement introducing the experiment and what is expected in this section. Should also include the theoretical basis for the experiment. 6.
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This note was uploaded on 10/13/2009 for the course ECE 2011 taught by Professor Bitar during the Spring '08 term at WPI.

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