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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Recommended Lab Strategy BEFORE LAB. .. 1. Complete Prelab before coming to lab. 2. Identify ALL areas in the lab where you actually have to DO something. Look for action verbs (record, build, construct, measure, etc. ..) 3. Outline the chronological procedure in your notebook. Draw schematics ahead of time. Create blank tables and graphs anticipating data. Build circuits ahead of time. DURING LAB. .. 4. Divide tasks (one partner measures, the other records). 5. Record data in your notebooks AS WELL AS in digital form.
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Unformatted text preview: Take digital photographs of set-up and oscilloscope waveforms. Transfer data immediately to your own computer. AFTER LAB. .. 6. Divide report tasks with your partner (drawing figures, equations, tables, charts, graphs, etc. ..). 7. After lab, create a “data file” containing all possible data required by the report. 8. When writing the report, create a chronological outline of the lab, drop in the appropriate data, and tell your story (ie. write text around it.) 9. Divide the report writing along logical lines and assign parts to each partner. 10. Proofread each other’s work!!!...
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