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project-0_Lab_Orientation - Worcester Polytechnic Institute...

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–1– Worcester Polytechnic Institute Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 2011 – Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering Prelab for Laboratory General Orientation To prepare for this laboratory, carefully read this handout and follow the instructions. Failure to do so will result in severe damage to your laboratory grade! 1. Pick up your laboratory kits. Each student in this course must have his or her own ECE design kit. These kits will, with a few additions along the way, provide the basic components and tools you will need for all of the ECE course laboratories at WPI, plus your MQP and any other projects you undertake. The $65 fee for the kit has/will automatically be included in your tuition billing when you enroll(ed) in this course. To pick up your kit, go to the ECE Shop (which is located in AK 111) with your WPI identification card. Ask (nicely!) for your EE2011 laboratory kit at the shop. If you are registered for the course, the shop will have a kit ready for you. 2. Assemble your design kit. The ECE design kit will require some assembly; you will need to trim your components and then mount them onto a plastic block , according to their values. This assembly will serve two important purposes. First, you will have the components ready to use, and not waste valuable laboratory time searching for values and trimming leads in laboratory. Second, this assembly will give you the opportunity to learn how to read the component values and become familiar with the contents of your kit. Since you might be using this kit for the next few years, you will thank yourself later for doing a good job now in setting the kit up. It will take you no more than two hours to assemble your kit properly. You will not be admitted to lab unless your kit is ready for use as described above. 3. Buy a bound Engineering Notebook . This type of notebook is available in the bookstore at a modest price. It will be used for doing your pre-lab and recording your laboratory notes. (It can also be used for other ECE courses). Keeping a good record of what you do in the laboratory is an important part of engineering, and in this course, your laboratory grade will depend on the notes you take. Your notebooks will be checked at the beginning of the lab period to verify that you completed the pre-lab. Notebooks do NOT need to be passed in at the end of the
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–2– laboratory. The rulings on the quad paper will help you neatly record the notes, tables of data, and circuit diagrams that you will encounter. 4. Read the laboratory syllabus BEFORE coming to laboratory. In each laboratory project, you will be encountering new devices, techniques, and concepts. The only way to make sure that you successfully complete the project in your 3-hour period is to be prepared . The first step of preparation is to carefully read the entire syllabus . You will find the project syllabi are full of explanations and procedures for you to follow. If you have read through and thought about the
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project-0_Lab_Orientation - Worcester Polytechnic Institute...

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