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ECE 3113 A2009 Homework 3 1 ECE 3113: Introduction to RF Circuit Design Homework 3 Due: Friday, September 18, 2009 in class. Grading: 100 points, 2.5% of course grade. Solutions must be legible and show all work to receive credit. Reading: Chapter 3, study Section 3.4.5 (pp. 131-133). Note: For some of the problems you may rely on MATLAB or Mathcad. Important: For the problems that require Smith Chart computations, print out Smith Charts, plot/label the relevant points on them, and include them as part of your submission. You may also verify your graphical computation results analytically. Smith Chart 1. [20 pts] Page 138, Problem 3.5.
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Unformatted text preview: Transmission line computation on a Smith Chart 2. [20 pts] Page 138, Problem 3.2. Use the Smith Chart. 3. [20 pts] Page 138, Problem 3.6. Lumped reactance from a short-/open-circuited TL 4. [20 pts] Page 139, Problem 3.11. Repeat for an open-circuited TL. Series and shunt components in a Smith Chart 5. [20 pts] The following circuit is operated at 1 GHz. Step through this circuit starting from the load and identifying Z L , Z A and Z in on the 50 ZY-Smith Chart. Comment on how this computation can be carried out graphically on the Smith Chart. L 1 = 5 nH C 1 = 3 pF Z L = (30 + j 20) Z A Z in...
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