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MOSIS WAFER ACCEPTANCE TESTS RUN: T6BF VENDOR: AMIS TECHNOLOGY: SCN15 RUN TYPE: SKD FEATURE SIZE: 1.6 microns INTRODUCTION: This report contains the lot average results obtained by MOSIS from measurements of MOSIS test structures on each wafer of this fabrication lot. SPICE parameters obtained from similar measurements on a selected wafer are also attached. COMMENTS: SCNA16_AMIS TRANSISTOR PARAMETERS W/L N-CHANNEL P-CHANNEL UNITS MINIMUM 4.0/1.6 Vth 0.57 -0.97 volts SHORT 20.0/1.6 Idss 183 -72 uA/um Vth 0.55 -0.93 volts Vpt 10.0 -10.0 volts WIDE 20.0/1.6 Ids0 < 2.5 < 2.5 pA/um LARGE 50/50 Vth 0.58 -0.88 volts Vjbkd 16.6 -14.5 volts Ijlk <50.0 <50.0 pA Gamma 0.62 0.47 V^0.5 K' (Uo*Cox/2) 35.7 -12.0 uA/V^2 Low-field Mobility 632.73 212.68 cm^2/V*s Vth is the threshold voltage; MINIMUM refers to the smallest geometry devices allowed by the process design rules. For logic applications, often only minimum size devices are used. Idss is the current per unit width with maximum voltage (in the case of this process, 5V) applied for V GS . Expressing current this way allows the designer to rapidly determine required device size for a given current. For example, if 2mA of drive current is required for a P-channel MOSFET when the gate is fully turned on, the width should be 2mA / (86 µ A/ µ m) = 23.3 µ m Note also that the threshold voltage Vth for the SHORT device is different than the MINIMUM case -- a second-order effect that SPICE needs to keep track of. Vpt is the punch-through voltage, beyond which the device will be damaged. Each wafer fabrication run has its own code; this run is designated “T6BF” FEATURE SIZE is the minimum gate length; 1.6 µ m for this process TECHNOLOGY and RUN TYPE are more specific; these codes indicate added features in the process (for example, linear capacitors and BJTs) This is the leakage current per unit width when V GS =0. An important parameter for analog switch design, especially in sample-and-hold circuits when the hold capacitor can be partially discharged by the leakage current of a MOSFET which should be “off”. Again, note that the threshold voltage is affected by device geometry. Vjbkd is the breakdown voltage of the active-substrate pn junction;
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