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CS_stage_evolution_annotated - Sec 3.2 Common-Source Stage...

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Unformatted text preview: Sec. 3.2 Common-Source Stage V00 V00 J/ID Small Vout SEMI!" Vin M1 QQE if." = SOURCE :7 FIXED VG, BIAS ' - PROBLEM How Tb PROBLEMS IMPLEMENT? ID DEPENDS ' Gm 100 Low nose-.7- ON TEMPERA'nRE ‘ DC 3W5; 5W1— »: SAnmnow SIGNAL consmwa) C :1 mos SWCE ID (—‘mec our 0; LOAD) Von E; D CURRENT MIRROR ACT N E LOAD “DECOUPLES” SMALL, LARGE SIGNAL BEHAVIOR . CORRECT DC In ' HIGH IMPEDANCE FOR SMALL SIGNAL WlGGLES ...
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