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opampdcerrors - 553204 DC EReoes OFFSET VOLTAGE Model as a...

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Unformatted text preview: 553204 DC EReoes OFFSET VOLTAGE Model as a soUrce m SQFIQS wrfla efrker‘ IMpLA+ of an [deal op*amp: Vos + o_____ + 0R Vos+ ' 0—“— IDEAL. _ IDEAL Vos can be 01C el+lner + or - age. BIAS CURRENT . Model as a CUFVGI/H‘ source 1m parallel wI’H/l each mpun" of am [deal (JP-amp: Polafl OF I' IS usual! Known (ale Ms on 6 01C Hymafiofis m ageing/P “’1pr SJmFQe) WP ANALYSIS _ . . Use superpOSlhoa/x and [deal op*aw\p assumphons +0 Simplify aMIySIS. ...
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