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selection_guide - Operational Amplifier Selection Guides...

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Unformatted text preview: Operational Amplifier Selection Guides National Semiconductor General Purpose Operational Amplifier Selection Guide Mllltary Temperature Range (— 55°C to + 125°C) Specs at TA = 25°C (Note 1) V05 '3 LM607A LH0044 LM607B LM1 1 LF41 1 A LF441 A LH2108A LM108A LH0052 LF412A LF442A LH0004 LM604A LH2101A LF155A LF156A LF157A LF41 1 mm LM1o1A LM107 LM108 LM1 12 LM124A LM158A LP124 LH0020 1.1:412 LM741A 0.025 0.05 30 Slew Rate V/lus (Typ) GBW .A—AA A “ a: Special Features Improved OP-O7 Low Noise Improved OP-07 Dual LM108A Dual Dual Multiplexed 0p Amp Dual LM101A Minimum Gain of 5 Op Amp + Reference Compensated LM101A Compensated LM108 Quad Dual Quad Dual ...
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