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Definition Essay - Hill 1 Lauren Hill Dr. Rhonda Dubec...

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Hill 1 Lauren Hill Dr. Rhonda Dubec English 1031 (W 2007) 26 March 2007 First Position “Five, six, seven, eight, tomber, pas de bourree, grand jete… stretch your legs!” A typical ballet student has heard similar instruction from his or her teacher. To some, it may sound foreign, since the majority of ballet terminology is rooted in the French language. However, a ballerina would be quite familiar with this vocabulary. This is just one of the traits of a seasoned ballet dancer. A good classical ballerina is a female dancer who has mastered the art of ballet through knowledge and execution of correct technique, proper physique and ability to learn and follow directions. Classical ballet is a form of dance which has evolved much since its invention. Now, this art is a basic form of dance that is being taught all over the world. It is the basis for many other styles of dance, including modern ballet, contemporary ballet, lyrical and others. The discussion here is limited to classical ballet and not its derivatives. Also, I am aware that men can be ballet dancers, but they are not ballerinas in the traditional sense, as ballerinas are defined as a female. A male would be called a ballerino. Therefore, they are not included in the classification. The essential quality of good technique encompasses much of what it means to be a talented ballet dancer. Ballet technique involves knowledge of basic French and the essential terms and the ability to execute these steps. An understanding of French and
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Definition Essay - Hill 1 Lauren Hill Dr. Rhonda Dubec...

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