Ebola Virus - Ebola Virus Treatment and Sanitary...

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Ebola Virus Treatment and Sanitary Precautions There is no standard or specific treatment for Ebola hemorrhagic fever. Patients are routinely given supportive therapy. This includes balancing the patient’s fluids and electrolytes, maintaining oxygen levels and blood pressure, preventing shock and secondary bacterial infections and treating complicating infections if needed. Surgical care is highly ill advised, since this usually results in the death of the patient, and exposes medical personnel to a high risk of contamination from blood. Surgery generally follows a misdiagnosis of Ebola hemorrhagic fever as an abdominal emergency. Many different experimental treatments have been attempted during various outbreaks and in laboratory experiments with primates, some of which seem hopeful, yet they have been inconsistently effective. The prevention of Ebola hemorrhagic fever is difficult, since the natural reservoir of the Ebola virus is not known. This practically eliminates primary prevention methods.
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Ebola Virus - Ebola Virus Treatment and Sanitary...

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