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Employment Standards Act – Vacation - Most of the employees covered by the employment standards act earn two weeks of paid vacation for every twelve months they work. This is called the vacation entitlement year. - The standard vacation entitlement year starts the day an employee is hired and lasts twelve months. - Another possibility is an alternative vacation entitlement year. This may not start the same day an employee is hired. The time between the two start times is called the stub period. - Vacation pay must be at least four percent of the employees gross wages earned in the vacation entitlement year and possibly the stub period. - The right to vacation pay is earned even when an employee is away from work due to layoff, sickness or injury, approved leaves, or declared emergency leaves. - An employee that does not complete the vacation entitlement year earns vacation pay per hour they work.
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Unformatted text preview: -Vacation pay must be received before the vacation begins through direct deposit, or on the pay day before the pay period in which the vacation time occurs.-An employee can only elect to give up any vacation for full pay if there is a written agreement between the employee and employer.-Gross wages that set vacation pay include regular wages, commissions, bonuses, allowances for room and board, overtime pay, public holiday pay and termination pay. -Employers are required to keep records of the vacation time earned since the employee’s date of hire.-The employer must also keep records of vacation pay and must be able to produce all records seven days after the employee’s request.-When a public holiday falls on a vacation day the employee is entitled to a substitute holiday or may receive public holiday pay as well as vacation pay for that day....
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