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Lauren Hill Evaluations Workshops Northern Biology What an improvement over last year! Kids liked this workshop and it encourages a lot of questions, stories and general participation. Everyone (teachers included) loved the loony lawnheads, although they can be a bit messy to bring into another classroom. Students from other classes who saw the 'Chia pets' would ask us, "Can our class make those?" The animal artifact guessing game was also great, because it got students involved and was a great tool to introduce 'cool facts' about each animal. The only downside is that repeating this workshop with kids who have already seen it may be repetitive… all new animal artifacts and a different introductory activity (other than a food pyramid) may be beneficial. Simple Machines This workshop can be great when the students get excited about it and creative, and can be not so great when the students do not. I find a lot of this has to do with grade level; grade 6 and over do well with it and younger classes don't. The lesson is pretty basic because it is teaching about simple machines, but if the class has already learned about them (they do in Grade 6) they can get more involved and tell us neat things about simple machines. A lot of the Rube Goldberg machines that they build look very similar to each other, because some do not get the full concept of making so many steps. When the students do get creative, they build some pretty cool stuff! It would be advantageous to have more odds and ends that they could work with and maybe an activity to encourage creative thinking before letting them build. Crime and Chemistry Very popular this year! Crime and chemistry is an interesting workshop for students because of the element of being a CSI and solving a crime. The lesson could be spiced up with some more facts and information about forensics and the tools they use. Also, better chemical reactions would be beneficial to the workshop. Salt and sugar don't have very exciting reactions and most students know what baking soda and vinegar does. Iodine and cornstarch is a cool reaction, but iodine is messy and can stain (it discolors porcelain sinks :s). So a few tweaks and this workshop would be ready to go for many years to come… only we need better graphite powder so that the fingerprints actually show up.
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Evaluations - Lauren Hill Evaluations Workshops Northern...

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