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Final Evaluation2 - Lauren's Final Evaluations Activities...

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Lauren’s Final Evaluations Activities Cow Eye Dissection – Sweet dissection! I realize that I may be biased because of my interests and future career choice, but the cow eyes were still really cool to dissect. I think the campers had as much fun as I did. It’s a pretty good lesson just to go over the structures and how they help us see – longer than most lessons but still to the point. Sometimes dissection lessons can be drawn out. The actual dissection works well because it gives campers a task (cutting off the fat and muscle from the back of the eye) before the instructors make the actual incision. Cutting the eye open usually created a chorus of “oohs” and “eews” and “oh cools”, usually in reference to the “jelly” (vitreous humor). They also thought the tapetum (the iridescent blue part) was really neat. As usual, there was some hacking up of the specimen, but most campers were just having fun with it. Overall, it was an awesome dissection and I hear it is relatively cheap too! Keep up the good work with Superior Science dissections – they are one of the most anticipated and talked-about activities we have! Pond Study – As usual, it is a pretty solid expedition. The kids love looking around for critters. I do suggest keeping on the close side of Lake Tamblyn and away from the far side over the walking bridge. It is difficult to supervise everyone over there and there are lots of sharp rocks. Definitely keep doing pond studies in the future. Boats – Overall, a great idea for a Friday afternoon activity. It was a lot of fun and could be split up fairly well into “committees” that would work on different parts of the boat (ie. structural, safety, waterproofing, decorating). As all the staff knows, it is a blast to test, though probably more fun to watch than to be in it! The only major flaw is that you need a lot of large materials to build it and they are not always readily available. We should find a reliable source of large building material or stockpile it and use it wisely. Supermario Strikers (Wobblers) – We know from past years that this is a pretty good electrical week-long for the youngsters. They involve some creating and decorating on the campers’ part and that seems to be a lot of fun. The campers also really like the idea of working with little electric motors. And of course, they are fun to play with when they’re finished. This is definitely an activity that can be used again, and just decorate the cup as something else. Stop Bugging Me – Let’s catch bugs! Kids love the idea and the catcher is fairly easy to make. It works really well and it’s fun to see what you can catch outside. I even had compliments from parents about how thrilled their son was to play with the big catcher at home. It was a big hit and something that can be repeated for Sprockets. You are What You Eat – Making play doh is definitely fun. This activity has a great recipe that makes
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Final Evaluation2 - Lauren's Final Evaluations Activities...

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