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Final Evaluations - Final Evaluations Directors Before I...

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Final Evaluations Directors Before I delve into specifics, I would just like to thank you two directors for being great bosses. It’s very refreshing to work under young people who are very approachable and have roles as both bosses and friends. Thanks for creating a great atmosphere to work in and I had a lot of fun with the staff and the campers this summer! Chris Chris, thank you for dealing with the misbehaving, troubled or unwell campers that I could not deal with. It’s a relief to have “principles” above me to send the unruly campers to. Jess Senior Instructors Ryan It was quite evident that Ryan was the “senior instructor”. His lead and guidance were very much appreciated by the rest of the instructors, if I may speak for them. I know that I learned from him, both about the delivery of lessons and the workings of the programs and the actual information from the lessons. When I worked with him, I felt as though I let him take the lead in explaining the lessons and activities. Sarah Sarah is a very diligent worker. She is very organized and sets out with a logical plan for every activity. I have only worked with her briefly for the camp sessions of SuperSci, but she has proved herself. Sarah is very good at keeping the campers in check and is not afraid to discipline, which reduces recurrence of negative behaviours and also prevents other campers from doing the same if they might overhear the reprimand. Jon Jon is a wonderful asset to the Superior Science team. He is very enthusiastic with the campers both by getting to know them and through the delivery and execution of the activities. At times it seems like he is part of the camper group! He blends in and befriends the campers, making them feel comfortable. This is a wonderful trait for an instructor, for it makes the camp experience more fun and involved for the children. However, occasionally this leaves a lack of authority that the other instructor has to make
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Final Evaluations - Final Evaluations Directors Before I...

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