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Grade 11 Health Assignment

Grade 11 Health Assignment - let off some stress while he...

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Davis Hill Grade 11 Health Assignment 1. The three characters that I chose from the movie were Trevor, the drama teacher, Mr. Duncan, and the leader of the trogs, Sean. 2. Mr. Duncan has a type A personality type, Sean and Trevor have type B personalities. They seem to be far more laid back than Mr. Duncan and less concerned about their actions. Both Trevor and Sean suffer from severe bullying which equates to physical and mental stressors. Mr. Duncan only has slight mental stressors from worrying about his students and other’s opinions of his work. Each character uses a different coping mechanism, Trevor tends to bottle up his emotions, and Sean lets them out through his violent acts after school. Mr. Duncan never demonstrates a coping mechanism during the movie, but may
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Unformatted text preview: let off some stress while he is directing the play. 3. I believe that Sean may suffer from a mental illness because of his persistent violent actions. I do not believe that Trevor suffers from a mental illness, but I do believe that he is experiencing depression because of the way he is treated by society. Obviously, Mr. Duncan doesn’t suffer from a mental illness. 4. I believe that five years later Sean will be in a mental institution or prison because of his actions at school. I think that Trevor will be leading a fairly normal life because of his actions as a hero that day, and Mr. Duncan will likely still be a high school teacher....
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