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History Letter from the front

History Letter from the front - We took the Southern end of...

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April 14 th 1917 Dear Mabel, How are you and the rest of the family? Is everything okay there? I have some bad news, Jeff was killed by a shell two days ago. He was hit directly by the shell then he was killed instantly, fortunately he didn’t suffer. I can hardly move forward after losing my best friend. Last night we seized Vimy Ridge. We think that this is quite an accomplishment because the Germans have had it since 1914. We took the ridge quite quickly, but lost many men to machine gun fire. I was told that there were 11000 casualties.
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Unformatted text preview: We took the Southern end of the ridge much more easily that the Northern end, where we suffered most of the casualties. Despite the casualties this was a huge success because we eliminated a German strong hold. I imagine that business is pretty slow at the shop with so many people away from home. Even though times are rough I think that we are making more steady progress over here, and things do not seem as bad as at the beginning. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be home before you know it. Missing you as always. Haga r...
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