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Chapter_1_Learning_Objectives - classify them 1.3 What is...

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Chapter Learning Objectives Chapter 1: Introduction to Life on Earth 1.1 What are the characteristics of living things? List features that distinguish living organisms from nonliving matter List the levels of organization in the living world 1.2 How do scientists categorize the diversity of life? List the 3 Domains and some of the characteristics used to classify them List the four Kingdoms in the Domain Eukarya and some of the features used to
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Unformatted text preview: classify them 1.3 What is the science of biology? • What are the underlying principles of all scientific inquiry • List as many steps of the scientific approach to understanding a problem as you can • Describe the difference between a scientific theory and a hypothesis 1.4 Evolution: the unifying theory of biology • List the three processes underlying evolution by natural selection • Describe the process of natural selection...
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