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Strategy Seminar (I) /Fall 2008 1 / 11 Seminar on Strategy Theory (I): Economics Foundations of Strategy Research National Taiwan University College of Management Graduate Institute of International Business Fall 2008 Time: 1420-1520, every Wednesday Classroom: Meeting Room, 2 nd Building, COM Office Hours: by appointment; 3366-4989 (Lee); 3366-4990 (Wu) Instructors: Prof. Ji-Ren Lee [email protected] Prof. Hsueh Liang Wu [email protected] There is nothing so practical as a good theory. -K. Lewin (1945). Nature and Objectives of the Course This doctoral seminar is designed for knowledge acquisition of economics foundations in strategy research. Specifically, this course will expose students to a broad range of theories pertaining to industrial and organizational economics which have either proved to be useful to the development of strategy knowledge, or revealed great potentials to advance knowledge frontier of strategic management. As the first strategy seminar course for a strategy major student, this course will focus on fundamental issues concerning firm, including: How do firm behave? Why are firms different? What are the appropriate boundaries of the firm? What are the sources of differential firm performance? Of course, this seminar will also cover issues concerning the origin and development of the field of strategy as a research discipline. Overall, we hope that this course could guide students through the strategy literature and research trajectory so that they can be inspired to contribute to the future knowledge development. The course requires intensive reading and discussion efforts as a basis of intellectual learning. While the strategy research in the past has cumulated a rich set of literature, the readings we assigned are only selective, which reflects our view on the evolution and advancement of strategy research. Given a tight timeframe, we will focus more on classic pieces and make it balanced with some recent research development. With interactive discussion and writing practice, we would like to help students develop their skills that are necessary to evaluate, critique, and hopefully contribute to the field of strategic management research. Course Structure This course will start from reading some of the classics which have great influences on the birth of strategy research. We will then sequentially discuss the implications of neoclassic economics to strategy as well as various branches of
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Strategy Seminar (I) /Fall 2008 2 / 11 organizational economics, including the behavioral theory of the firm, transaction costs theory, the resource-based view of the firm (and its branches), evolutionary theory, property right theory, agency theory, and institution theory. The last one third of this course will discuss issues related to corporate strategy, including a rich body of diversification research and its recent development. S01 9/17
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Strategy_Seminar_I_Fall_2008_V3 - Seminar on Strategy...

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