Loseley case study - Tim Wilson likes traffic jams. It...

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Tim Wilson likes traffic jams. It gives him a chance to sit and dream of ice cream – exotic new flavours, luxurious coatings and even fancy cartons. “I get most of my ideas sitting in traffic,” said the Managing Director of Loseley Ice Cream. “All our recipes have come from me and I even designed the packaging myself.” In fact, with a level of secrecy on a par with KFC, Wilson is one of just half a dozen people who know the secrets to the Loseley taste. But there is one mystery that eludes even him; how to get Loseley, which last year turned over £15m, into the forefront of the ice cream buyers’ minds and, crucially, into supermarket freezer cabinets. Mention ice cream and most people think of Wall’s (Unilever) or Nestle. Mention posh ice cream and they’ll say Ben & Jerry’s (which is owned by Unilever) and Haagen-Dazs (General Mills). “We are no more expensive than Wall’s – whom most people see as the market leader – but we are much better. We use real chocolate and it’s real dairy ice cream.” said Wilson. Dairy ice cream, as opposed to just ice cream, uses milk, butter and cream instead of vegetable oils to blend with sugar and flavourings. It’s the quality of the ingredients that sets Loseley apart, according to Wilson. The dairy products are all sourced from the farms of Wales and Somerset. “Half our income goes on our ingredients and packaging,” he said. “It’s by far our biggest cost”. Wilson, a former biscuit baker, formed the Yorkshire Dales ice-cream company in
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Loseley case study - Tim Wilson likes traffic jams. It...

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