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Entrepreneurs learn the art of 60-second pitch - By Lori Hawkins It’s amazing how much can be said in 60 seconds. That’s what struck me at the recent Central Texas Funding Symposium as I watched 15 entrepreneurs give one minute pitches on their start-ups to prospective investors. The participants in the Fast Pitch session stood in a row before an audience of 100 investors and technology professionals, awaiting their cue from moderator Hall Martin. When the 50-second point approached, Martin, timing the speakers with his iPhone, raised his arm. When time was up he gave a cutoff sign and it was the next guy’s turn. The concept isn’t new, of course. The elevator pitch – explaining your product or service in the duration of an elevator ride – has long been a standard business tool. But keeping it simple can be a challenge for entrepreneurs trying to build something new, different and unproven. That’s why Martin – who helped found the Central Texas Network two years ago and is now executive director
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