2a Entrepreneurship and Enterprise

2a Entrepreneurship and Enterprise - Entrepreneurship and...

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What it is There has been academic debate about the notion of entrepreneurship for several centuries and still little clarity. Much of it seems focused more upon wringing further, researchable questions out of the debate rather than upon the needs of the practitioner. There is almost universal agreement, however, that entrepreneurship is centrally concerned with the way that individuals and organisations create and implement new ideas and ways of doing things, respond proactively to the environment and thus provoke change involving various degrees of uncertainty and complexity. In the educational context it is the behaviours associated with entrepreneurship that are important. These behaviours, widely associated with the generic notion of an 'enterprising person', are spelt out below. Behind them lie certain skills and attributes. There is much academic debate as to whether the attributes can be developed in individuals or are the products of genetics. The weight of opinion leans towards the notion that they can be considerably influenced. Knowledge, as a basis for 'developing' behaviours in education may be regarded as contextual. Thus it is possible to encourage entrepreneurial behaviour within the context of the standard National Curriculum subjects of English, Mathematics, Geography, History, Science, and so on. In a business context, for example a new venture, the knowledge base will be substantially related to the immediate tasks and learning requirement. Skills in themselves, however, embody a knowledge base in the context of their application. Accepting the above, entrepreneurship/enterprise can therefore be defined as follows: 'Behaviours, skills and attributes applied individually and/or collectively to help individuals and organisations of all kinds to create, cope with and enjoy change and innovation involving higher levels of uncertainty and complexity as a means of achieving personal fulfilment'. It is important to note that the definition embraces organisations of all kinds. It
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2a Entrepreneurship and Enterprise - Entrepreneurship and...

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