signals and high voltage

signals and high voltage - Working Principle of the Circuit...

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Working Principle of the Circuit : The impulse capacitor is cgarged via a high charging resistance (R 0 ) to the direct voltage U 0, and then discharged by ignition of the switching gap F. During this charging and discharging period, the desired impulse voltage U(t) appears across the load capacitor Cy. If R d >> R a C d is charged rapidly (short time to front), and discharged slowly (long time to tail). 1,0 0,9 0,5 0,3 f r o n t ta il U U max t / T C T S T O O T Waveform of the impulse voltage is determined by circuit components. T = time between (%30 - %90) T c = rise time (T c = 1,67 . T ) T s = decay time (tail) ( T = 0,3 . T c = 0,5 . T ) ( s T T s c μ 50 / 2 , 1 / = Standard Impulse Voltage ) The smaller the R a .Cy, the faster the time to U m . As the R d get higher, decay time will be longer. According to charging polarity of C d Impulse voltage can be either positive or negative To increase the efficiency, . y d C C ⟩⟩ Impulse Energy: The impulse energy transformed during a discharge:
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W = 2 1 . C d . U 0 2 [ Joule=Wh ] ‘ dan hesaplanır. Multiple Stage Impulse Generators: The multiplier circuit can be obtained by cascading single stage impulse generators. Workig principle is based on the charging of several idendical impulse capacitor in parallel and then discharged in series. ' d C ' d C ' d C ' 0 U ' d C ' d C ' d C ' 3 0 U Charged in parallel by U 0 Discharged in series + + + ' 0 U When all the switching gaps are broken down(Cds are in series) Discharging of Cy (Decay Time) 3 Stage b – type impulse generator To prevent the discharging of charged capacitors through Ra. Since its value is high, current flow though Ra and F spheres.
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signals and high voltage - Working Principle of the Circuit...

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