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05-10-06 ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT COMMUNICATION SYSTEMS I LABORATORY PROCEDURE 1. Students have to attend all the scheduled experiments. If anybody misses an experiment, he will compensate it at make-up session. Make-up dates will be announced later. Students have right to compensate only one experiment at the make-up session. Students who miss more than one experiment will fail the laboratory and the related course. 2. Laboratory schedule is announced at the beginning of the semester. Students are supposed to be at the laboratory on the time. At the beginning of each lab session a short quiz will be done. Students, who are more than 5 minutes late for the quiz, will not be allowed to do the quiz. Students, who are more than 10 minutes late for the lab will not be allowed to do that week’s experiment and should compensate it at make-up session. 3. Laboratory sessions will last maximum 2 hours. Students will be evaluated according to what they have accomplished at the end of the session. 4.
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